Growing Pains…Falling Into Old Habits

Yes, I admit it, I am falling into the bad habits of yesterday. Honestly I can’t say last year. I haven’t been around that long. I can… Read more “Growing Pains…Falling Into Old Habits”


Growing Pains… The Self-Editing Process

Well, I am very uninhibited with my writing. This time was different. I tried to plan. I tried to be sober. It took a little longer until I decided that doesn’t work for me.

My revising and self-editing is another story. This process I need to do many times before I consider giving it up to a professional.

I have Grammarly in my Word Doc so I can pick up some flaws that Word doesn’t see; if I overused a word or if I need a comma. Usually, it’s because I used a comma too many times (I think). Grammarly loves to use commas for the words but, and, so, yet. I was taught these words connect phrases so that you don’t need a comma and Grammarly loves to try and add them. I am always second guessing myself while self-editing.