Growing Pains…Getting Rich or Writing Books?

I am struggling with what my goal is at the moment. I know I came into this wanting to write books, but now I realize I can’t… Read more “Growing Pains…Getting Rich or Writing Books?”


Growing Pains… Writing In a New Genre, Children’s Books

That might be the reason why I am creating a new genre. The new genre is no pressure. It is similar to the ‘fun with no pressure’ attitude I had almost two months ago. I am giving myself a pseudonym. Robby Ellie will be writing my children’s books. I don’t want parents confusing my novellas and my children’s books. 
I can’t imagine a parent buying “Wendy’s Song” for their five-year-old and reading about drugs, rape, and a fatal car accident. I highly doubt they’ll ever buy another one of my books about a little girl that is friends with a monkey.