Growing Pains…Advertising for the Holidays

A newbie writer talks about advertising during the holiday season. What is the best time and how much?


Growing Pains…Is My Marketing Annoying You?

I get the feeling I am borderline bothering my readers and friends on social media (well, the ones that are friends on my groups). I am doing giveaways and adding the reader magnets from bookfunnel and prolificworks. 

In my emails, I upload videos and add links. I try Facebook Live to capture a larger audience without having to pay for advertising. I am doing my best to stay away from too much engagement, BUT when the giveaways on bookfunnel or prolific are controlled by others, I am at their mercy.

Sometimes these promotions don’t fit my genre, I don’t have a large enough list, or I have a topic that is inappropriate for their promotion. I could try to create my own promotion but quite honestly, I feel overwhelmed with my tasks now. I may attempt this at a later date.

I complete a video email to my small (but growing) contact list. As always, I add the links to the free reads. The next day, I receive an email stating the link will no longer be in service and they created a new link for the same promotion. Oh, no! Okay, I can deal.

I add this updated link to my Twitter (again), Facebook (again), and reply to the email and ask if the the old link will send my readers to the new one until it runs out. I can’t flood my reader list with mistakes and bother my social media all week. I look foolish enough without giving bad links. Please don’t help me add to the chaos.

Growing Pains…Implementing ‘Easy’ Tasks

I feel like the sixth grader that grew six inches in one summer. She is starting to look like a teenager but walks into walls and trips on her own feet every five steps.  That is my impatience talking. I will get there. We all survived puberty. I am growing and learning. This is my self-publishing childhood and I should embrace it. 
As for me not calming down, I am doing something that I’ve read is a no-no in the industry. I am writing two books at once. Technically, I am letting my book breathe for a minute before the next edit. While this is going on, I am working on an MG interactive fiction.

I had grand ideas about this interactive fiction story. Holy Cow! This story is going to take a lot longer than I anticipated. I have the organization, so far. Let’s wait and see how long that goes. 

I remember reading a few of the interactive fiction stories when I was young. In case you’re not familiar with the term, they were called “Choose Your Own Adventure.”

Growing Pains…How-To & OverWhelm

Many newbies are told: get an email list!  That is great, I did that after months of trying. I was so focused on getting this list, I didn’t know what to do after I had a list. I went to the internet and researched. I saw some tips and then realized, great! Seems easy enough.

The video says, email your list a video with a thirty-second welcome message. Tell readers who you are. Offer them an extra incentive if they share your reader magnet to friends. Give them the info of your facebook page (not the personal page). If the reader does not respond to any of your emails after four attempts, delete them from your list. They are not interested.

Another great tip was to have your readers/ email lists have a contest with them responding to phrases for content. If that reader/emailer replies with the best phrase, you use that in your whatever you intend. I plan on using it on a tee shirt. Oh, let me move on to the next step of our how-to market.

Growing Pains…Finding Out the Hard Way

E-mail lists and how to get them. 

I tripled my e-mail list today. Granted there were four of us on it (yes, one dropped me like a hot potato, and yes I am still on the list). The struggle is real! If anyone tells you differently, they are either lying or not authors.

Well, I prepared the reader’s magnet. I had the book funnel. I updated the covers on my e-books to make them fancy and professional. Granted, I don’t have the means to hire anyone, but I know how to work a computer and is a free service. I fake it ’til I make it. 

Growing Pains…This May Not Be Rocket Science, But I’m No Scientist!

Honestly, I am not even sure I did it right. I shall find out soon. So many of the experts know this works. Most of them use the funnel book and the magnet book to get the email lists. To be quite honest, I know I’ve read the email list trick many times, but I am still not sure what to do after I get tons of email addresses.

On my children’s book landing page, so far, I have three on my list. One of those email addresses is me; I was testing it to make sure it worked. I don’t believe I am approaching that in the correct manner. I will have to continue rereading Nick’s free book.

As for the 30-day challenge, I learned more about Twitter and a few tips on Facebook that I was not aware of. It is supposed to be one day at a time but a few of the days were easy, so I didn’t follow directions and compiled two days into one. I also had a Facebook account and that day I skipped.