Growing Pains…Trying to Advance to the Next Level

I heard a great voice for the first book. The woman sent me a piece based on the script and I accepted. Then she turned me down. She stated she had other things and didn’t want to be spread so thin. Okay, fine with me but then don’t do the second audition. Even if there were other things wrong with the book don’t do it. I am sure there may be other issues if you read further. Possibly the language (I warned the producer), or the content. Maybe the writing isn’t her style. I don’t know but don’t start it, waste both of our time and then say no.

The second book was also in the auditions. I wanted to hear it in a male voice. I listened to a male audition and I loved him. His fifteen-minute piece sounded choppy, as if he stopped at each line, not pausing for a comma or period. It was strange. I gave feedback not sure if he has fixed it. How could someone be great for an audition then not know where a comma or period is in a simple book?

I am worried. I will find out soon enough. 


Growing Pains…This May Not Be Rocket Science, But I’m No Scientist!

Honestly, I am not even sure I did it right. I shall find out soon. So many of the experts know this works. Most of them use the funnel book and the magnet book to get the email lists. To be quite honest, I know I’ve read the email list trick many times, but I am still not sure what to do after I get tons of email addresses.

On my children’s book landing page, so far, I have three on my list. One of those email addresses is me; I was testing it to make sure it worked. I don’t believe I am approaching that in the correct manner. I will have to continue rereading Nick’s free book.

As for the 30-day challenge, I learned more about Twitter and a few tips on Facebook that I was not aware of. It is supposed to be one day at a time but a few of the days were easy, so I didn’t follow directions and compiled two days into one. I also had a Facebook account and that day I skipped.