Growing Pains…Growing Out of My Comfort Zone

Many of you don’t know this, so I will just tell you. I have a Forbidden Friday Trivia Night. I like to engage my readers and Forbidden Friends (my novelette series readers) with 1990’s and early 2000’s entertainment trivia live on Facebook.

There was a decent following, loyal players every week and we all had a great time. I was able to give away prizes on occasion to participants (win or lose). Unfortunately, I ran into a few problems. Thank you for that Facebook.

One week nobody was able to find me. I was live with not one player. I thought everyone was on strike. I thought I was abandoned. True, newbies go through the lonely phases but this was devastating. My mother and best friend (who I was texting two minutes prior) didn’t show. I knew something was up but I had to keep up the game. I promised my readers that they would get a video of the show no matter what.

Week after week, there was some sort of technical difficulty and I was getting at least one complaint from someone. I have a following of about ten or so ( I say this is decent because with so many problems these players are loyal). I have seen some others attempt to play and they haven’t been able to so my growing audience should be greater.

I decided that YouTube will be my new platform for this game. My readers have told me Facebook is an issue for them and now with the problems of no comments and delays in the live events, I can’t have this happening anymore.

I use YouTube on occasion for video messages to my reader’s list. I don’t mind it so much. I also use it for my other website, so it doesn’t phase me. I am not the best but I think I’m getting better at being in front of a camera. YouTube is nicer than Facebook Live in the sense that YouTube at least gives you the option of creating a thumbnail image for your video. On Facebook’s thumbnail images I tend to look like I had fifteen shots of tequila.

I like the idea of adding my audience. It gives me the sense that I am growing as an indie author. I’m not completely sure if this is what authors do, but somehow we need an audience, right? If I find more people to engage with, maybe I’ll find more readers. If not, I’ll have something to do that distracts me from writing and keeps me occupied for a half hour on a Friday night. Who knows? Maybe I can be a YouTube old lady sensation (old lady in the sense I’m not in my twenties but I think I am).

In all seriousness, I may not be there but I feel the growth slowly happening. Mailchimp finally sent me the unsubscribe warning today. I have heard about it before but I never thought I would have been important enough to be served such an honor. Yes, I know I am supposed to be worried but in a way I feel it is a right of passage. Silly me thinking certain frustrations are honors, huh.

In three months it will be a year since I began this journey. I have come a long way. June is when I will begin to read some of these blogs and see how much I really grew. I feel it already. I sense my growth when I read other blogs and I call bull-ony (you know what I wanted to write) on their so-called information. I am catching certain grammatical errors more often in my formal writing (I don’t consider this blog formal, even if I should).

Three months is still a ways to go. Newbies, thank you for joining me on this wild ride. I am having a blast. Let’s stay fabulous together and I’ll see you real soon. Hopefully on YouTube sharing videos together!

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence. - Colin Powell

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