Growing Pains…Shameless Self Promotion

I just completed an email to my readers. I am up to just under three hundred on my reader’s list. I feel this is a big feat for me considering for my first couple of months I had four people in my list, one was my name and the rest were close family and a friend. The best feeling in the world was when I had that first email subscriber notification and it was a stranger. This was almost as good as the first sale of my book.

Then I reached my first hundred readers. That came so quick I was amazed. How was that so fast? I barely had anyone, and then all of a sudden I have one hundred readers sign up FOR ME? What?? I am livin’ large baby!

Things slowed down from one hundred to two hundred, I get it. I was writing a few children’s books. I got distracted from the goal. I still had lots of work to do. Oh, and another thing, NOBODY told me what to do with these people that signed up for me. Sure, I had over a hundred people but what do I do with them?

Well, don’t scare them off by turning into spam. You want to get to know them. Ask about what they like, tell them about what you like. Act like you’re on a first date. Do you ask the date to marry you? I hope not. If you did and they said yes, congratulations. In most cases, that never really happens and you won’t get a second date that way. In real life, many will run far and fast. Readers are the same way. You ask them to buy your stuff before you say hello and let them know you, they will run too.

We are newbies, nobody knows us. We can’t rush into this lightly. There is no need to give your entire collection of works away, we are trying to make a living. So don’t think you have to do this. You can play games, you can invite them to your Facebook page (not your private). If you have a YouTube or Twitter account, that’s cool (again, not your private stuff).

When you want your readers to learn about you, let them learn about your BRAND, not your private life. Honestly, I don’t want to see your kids school pictures and what you had for dinner. I barely want to see that from my friends, let alone strangers.

On to your emails you are sending to the reader’s list. Videos are in, so I’ve heard. Try to send a few of these to your readers. Not every day. Once a week or every two weeks to keep in touch. What do I mean by videos? Make a video of yourself talking to your readers. Say something positive about your day and ask a question that they can relate to and reply back. Don’t always make it about your books, you can talk about other authors, ask them their top five movie quotes and give yours, make up a version of never have I ever…whatever. Give links to your author pages/ sites. Make sure the readers have access to you.

Make the emails fun and easy. If you have one of your books on promotional pages where you can sign up and receive free e-books with other authors, give those links out to them, I call them ‘free reads’. I think my readers enjoy them.

Many readers don’t always have Facebook or Twitter so they ask me to post videos on YouTube. I do sometimes but I’m not consistent enough to tell the world I have subscribers there too (I think I just told on myself).

Now you have a bit of a relationship with your readers, your next book is coming out: It is launching when? Oh that’s fantastic! I can’t wait to read it. I feel like I know you so I want to support you. You are such a cool person. —this is the feeling your readers will have when you get the right relationship through emails and videos. In videos, people can see and feel your vibe. When you type an email, they can’t see your upbeat expression, nor can they look in your face or hear your voice. There is less of a connection. But at least you have some kind of connection with email so do SOMETHING!

Either way, you did contact them and they will be better off than you doing nothing with that list until your next book launch and then you spamming everyone to buy the book. If it were up to me I would be like..Robyn who? Yeah, that’s right. I don’t know you, get outta here!

I hope I helped a little bit on what to do with your list. You most likely have more readers than me, but now you can be a kick butt engaging character with a crowd of fans that will be supporters for life. Good luck with your next launch.

Stay fabulous newbies, don’t spam me with your stuff. I have enough emails I don’t read. Thanks.

There is no innovation and creativity without failure. Period. - Brene Brown

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