Growing Pains…Falling Into Old Habits

Yes, I admit it, I am falling into the bad habits of yesterday. Honestly I can’t say last year. I haven’t been around that long. I can say the first few months of writing and publishing. I can say I have been sounding ‘desperate’ as one of my best friends mentioned. I thought it was excitement. I guess I was wrong.

No, I didn’t use the phrase ‘buy my book’ or anything like that. I was saying ‘join me for my giveaways’ which is similar…i guess. I need to slow my roll. I need to find more inviting phrases and stop sounding so pathetic to my readers and friends.

With all my research and webinar watching I would think I would stop this silliness. I guess the new idea of a game on Facebook live got the best of me. I can’t get trapped into old ideas. I say change your mindset all the time yet I failed to change mine. I disappointed myself.

It’s not too late, the first step in bettering yourself is acknowledging the problem. At least that’s what they say, right? Now, what’s the second step…oh, fixing the problem. Okay, I can do that. Stop begging people to join me, they can find me. Yeah, I’m sure they will.

I will no longer beg for people to read my stuff, I will let you find me. Don’t read my books, don’t watch me on Facebook, don’t accept my free stuff that I give away. Let’s see how well that works for my career.

I know, it won’t work well at all. I shouldn’t beg, but I can’t ignore either. I must engage, invite, and have fun. I don’t want to be the weird high school girl that runs up to all the kids and asks the entire student body and staff to sign her yearbook (even the kids she never met before). You know which one she is, we all had her in our school.

Now I’m ignoring my blog, the website is not exactly out of date but I don’t have my audio books linked up. I will do that after this is published. Maybe I’ll do that then publish this. I’m not sure anymore. Another old habit, I am unorganized. Even after the awesome planner I got for Christmas, I am still a hot mess. Which is difficult because I have been doing my best by using it. It helped me in many ways. I organize my Facebook events, my reading time, my research time, and one or two other scheduled musts.

I have to admit, I tend to forget to check the calendar at times. Oops, another bad habit. This roller coaster will never end, I know. My hope is that I will be on the ups more than the downs. That is all I ask. In order for that to happen, I need to get better in my habits.

I also need to set up more writing goals. I read writing tips, write short stories for practice, and read a chapter a day from novels or non-fiction books. This should improve my writing skills for my future books.

I saw there is a writer’s conference in June. I can’t afford to go but I would love to begin attending these types of things in the future. Even if it is just one, for the experience. In case you are in the area, the conference I’m talking about is at Rutger’s University in New Brunswick.

In the meantime, I will continue watching webinars, reading blogs, and doing my best to fix my bad habits. One being more consistent on here. This blog is written very informal but writing anything will improve my writing, yes? Not if I let my bad habits continue on this post, I get it. Well this is more of a venting/ informing/ reminding type of blog. Yeah, yeah, I know…excuses.

Stay fabulous everyone and kick those bad habits in the butt. The only way to succeed is to improve (not sure but it sounds good to me).

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. - Og Mandino

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