Growing Pains…When Your Social Media/ Facebook Live Tanks

I have been working on my brand for a little while now. I work on growing my email list, engaging in that audience, and getting to know my readers/ friends. I do my best to interact. To be quite honest, some are not interested. That’s okay and to be expected.

I have others that love to interact and reply on occasion, they even joined my Facebook pages and groups. I appreciate them and hopefully some will interact more as time goes by. I notice there are times of the day that nobody is watching my live events. I have zero watching my videos. They eventually get to them, but the timing may be off.

My best live event seems to be on Friday nights. This one is the most fun and interactive. This week, however, there is no requests for my live event coming up. Am I slowing down? Are my followers sick of my antics? I’m not sure. The roller coaster ride of a newbie is not just for writing. Social media ebbs and waves as well.

The big word is consistency, yes. I consistently do a Wednesday and Friday live event. I consistently have the same type of event on Fridays and not hype up my books. The people watching know my books. Wednesdays I mention the giveaways (not always) or freebies for some who are new to the page/ group. Maybe I should cut that out and let them check the page out on their own.

Even after six months of this process, I have a lot to learn. I bet I’ll still have a lot to learn years from now. Reading articles and watching webinars, I find that this business changes often. The only constant is change.

I think I need to shift my mindset. Keep on trucking and not worry about one or two no show live events. I have low numbers right now because of my new beginnings. I will grow and when I have over a thousand followers on my group and nobody watching my live events, that’s when I should worry (right?).

The worst part of the newbie is overthinking EVERYTHING. Each move is a question mark and uncomfortable. This slows down all my work. Then again, a good friend told me that a fool is confident in everything and an intelligent being questions everything (paraphrase).

I love the phrase yet this confuses me too. I am questioning everything because I am new at the process, not because I am intelligent. Then again, I’m smart to question my every move. I should double check all my work. Remember our teachers telling us this in grammar school?

Okay, my head is spinning. I am off track again (as usual). I need to relax, let the process take me where it needs to be. Sort of like the ending of a story, don’t force it. If it doesn’t feel right and there is still a low audience in a month or two, change things up.

Stay fabulous newbies! Focus on the good and worry about the bad when it comes, not when it WILL come.

You cannot climb the ladder of success dressed in the costume of failure. - Zig Ziglar

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