Growing Pains…I Need Exposure

For the most part, I have a decent open percentage when it comes to my growing e-mail list. I feel I engage with my readers on a fairly regular basis and some have joined my groups on Facebook. I am happy about these accomplishments as a newbie writer.

I have yet to accomplish one feat. The almighty advanced team and reply requests. I have received two so far in the months but only on my personal e-mail account. This is odd. Now, does this mean the replies are not coming in because of a glitch or is it because they don’t want to bother? I have no idea. I see some interest, I am not boring. That’s pretty cool.

Yes, there will always be hurdles. Yes, patience is a virtue (my butt…I don’t have virtues in this instance). Okay, I’ll stop being such a baby. I notice that I’m getting a bit of a growth and some people that have been in the business longer have less of an e-mail list than me. I also know that there are some in the business less time than me that have huge numbers and sales. Yeah, yeah, don’t compare myself to others…who are you people? You know we all do it!

I have had Twitter account for a while now but I just started to get the courage to ‘talk’ to the writing community on it. I saw the support and love the writers have for each other as I scrolled through the tweets but never commented. I placed an occasional like here and there, but nothing more.

Now I am practically addicted. I like it almost more than Facebook. I still don’t know how to tag anyone on Twitter yet. Maybe in the near future I’ll figure it out but for now I’m good.

I see there are many new editors, bloggers and authors that want to reach out and collaborate with others. I don’t take advantage of the collaborations. I just like or scroll through. I might have commented on one or two, but I don’t have the courage to REALLY put myself out there.

This can help my growth as an author. I still have a bit of a shyness about me (believe it or not) that prevents me from taking many offers. I see the offer and the self-doubt floods my brain. Who would have thought I could have self-doubt? Newbie authors, realize we are all the same. We need to throw away this lack of confidence and just go for it. I’m sure everyone has had it at one point.

We will go nowhere if we don’t ask for help. I see bloggers having authors week on their sites. They offer it right on Twitter. There are newbie editors and proofreaders that offer dirt cheap prices for manuscripts. I come across reviewers asking for published works they are willing to purchase, just to read and review out of indie author love, no other reason. #writingcommunity is a great place for newbie writers to find just about anything you need to start out. Another place to look for a group, #amwriting. You have to be willing to put yourself out there. I usually don’t but I’m starting to.

Just a bit of advice, please don’t go on there just to take advantage of the kindness of the people on here. I don’t want to be the reason they are being used. In general, they all seem to be there to support each other emotionally as well. Don’t go on just to get a review or a blog spot and move along.

I received an email (from the short story project I wrote about the other day) that offers authors to publish their work on the Short Story site for free, as long as it is only two per month. If you would like up to five, you pay a fee. I don’t plan on writing a short story for them to publish, to be honest. I plan on publishing a book in the future filled with my short stories. I am also writing some for the weekly contests on

There are many ways to put yourself out there. I need to find the courage and rid myself of doubt. My WIP has me stuck in a corner at the moment. I have to scrap three pages and rewrite it. Not a big deal but it is a confidence killer at the moment. I’m hoping this is why I’m self-doubting. A day in the life of a writer, I know.

Once I feel closer to a few people I follow, I may take an offer or two. Maybe my confidence will grow in the meantime. I will remind myself I am good enough to be one of the authors to be featured on another blog. We all are. My failures and accomplishes are creating my greatness. My mistakes are teaching me how to become better. My story is just beginning. The world needs to hear it.

Stay fabulous newbies, let your stories shine bright and loud!

Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive. - Andy Grove

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