Growing Pains…Audibles Are Awesome?

I have been working on audio books the past few weeks. My second book in my series is already complete. My first book and third book are both in the process. I began creating them because of friends telling me they don’t like to read but want to ‘read’ my stories.

I explained to them there are audio books out and that’s how I got through many of my literature courses in college with a full time job. I downloaded the novels and played a few chapters on the way to class and a few chapters on the way back home. It saved me tons of time. I love audio and would like to thank the person who came up with this concept.

I remember my mom recorded my favorite book as a kid because I made her read it to me too many times. Maybe she secretly invented audibles and has a hidden stash of cash under her bed. I’ll have to look there next time I visit.

This book was my childhood. I loved my mom reading it to me over and over again. She couldn’t always read it hours on end. She decided to record it and send me on my way. I am happy she did. I could listen to it over and over again, non-stop. My mom would come back and see me listening to Grover telling me ‘DO NOT TURN THAT PAGE!’ and of course I turned the page and laughed at Grover (my mom) every single time. Kids are funny, they laugh at everything.

Now, audio is everywhere. We have audibles of best sellers to our one time wonders and it covers all genres. I decided that I would like to go further with my work and dip my toes in the pool of audio.

When I began listening to the sample of my second book (first of my audio adventures), it was like listening to myself on a voicemail. It was so strange. This time around, I feel a bit more comfortable. Wendy’s Song just completed the fifteen minute sample and it sounded perfect. It fit.

Saving Lisa is basically finished. I listened to it and it’s great but chapter two sounded different than what I remembered I wanted the reader to feel.

My work sounds different using another person’s voice. I like hearing it with the other voice, it gives another perspective. Then again, there are spots that make me wonder if the reader (listener) will feel what I am trying to communicate. Especially with a book like Saving Lisa. This story has death, separation, despair, and emotion. I guess all writers go through this.

These are not necessarily bad issues, just different. I like the other perspectives on the stories. It shows me another side of how my book is seen in another person’s eyes. I would love to hear someone read all my stories out loud before I publish them as e-books or print. Wouldn’t that be fun?

They say to read your MS out loud to hear what it sounds like before you send to the editor, or before publishing. I tried this once but realized I’m not a great reader. Funny, I always thought I was until I heard myself out loud. Not to mention, I don’t pay attention to the story as much as I hear my voice and how terrible I am as a reader.

I made a boo- boo, to be quite frank. I planned my launch for the two audios and my new e-book around the same time. Obviously it wasn’t done on purpose, this was another one of my newbie mistakes. Live and learn, my friends, live and learn.

Not only is this a financial burden but it will take a toll on my word count and blogging obligations. When the narrators are finished with the audios and I approve them, I need to pay them right away (this week). The editor will need the final payment for the fourth book in the series at the end of the week as well.

I am not crying the blues just yet. I understand this business is about spending money to create a decent product. I can’t go and yell, “Hey, who wants to volunteer their services to a poor little old newbie writer?” and expect crowds of people to come running to my rescue.

I wish I thought ahead and planned this out better. I will have to rely on organic advertising for a minute, then spread out some of my marketing until I upgrade my funds. It is all about the learning process and then thinking out of the box, I guess.

Thank goodness I have a growing e-mail list. I can give them the discounts and they are free advertising. I also have my Facebook author page, I can offer a giveaway. These things might generate something…I hope. I have until the end of January to get together some money and ideas for marketing so that gives me some time.

Well, newbies, good luck with your planning and stay fabulous. Make sure you get a planner with a calendar and a calculator. They might keep you out of jams like this. Talk to you all soon.

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