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I have been in a writing slump with my series and I am busy restructuring my WIP interactive fiction MG piece. I have restructured that thing so much I think it is a brand new story. Basically, I have written myself out of writing.

I needed a way back into a groove. Frustration can’t get a hold of me this early into the new year. Let me wait until at least February before I have my first hissy fit. Anyways, I checked my email the other day (I know, we do every single day) and there was an offer to apply one of my short stories to a contest.

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I was skeptical because “why are you coming to me?” Well, they came to me because there was a contest giveaway from the sponsors. Share with your friends and get more entries to win a Kindle. I researched the competition and saw that the contest for the writers is legit. I decided to go for it (enter the contest and share with friends).

A lot of contests ask for insane amounts of money to enter. No thank you, I would rather waste my money on other newbie mistakes.

I found a contest that is for free, you could win $50. Reedsy offers prompts and you reply to their email with a short story. The winner is given $50 and the story is featured in a Medium’s blog. Not bad for free. If you would like to be part of this weekly writing prompt, winning or not, subscribe to Reedsy. They have tips on cover design, marketing, writing, and a marketplace to hire someone if you need for any of these topics.

I entered a short story contest for $17 from The Short Story Project. Their website has tons of short stories you can read for free, just sign up with your email, Facebook, or Twitter account. I loved some of the stories. You can look up the winners of the past years just googling online if you choose not to share your information.

I used an old story that I planned on writing as a standalone but realized it wasn’t going anywhere. I couldn’t properly stretch it out to sell to the public. I had the story in my file stored for later use if I chose to publish a book filled with short stories. I hate having files of WIP stored for later use. It feels like a junk drawer that nobody wants to clean out.

I think this is my new way of breaking down the runner’s wall before I cry ‘what the heck is wrong with me?’ I suggest to all that need the extra push, enter a short story contest. I don’t know of any other contests that are upcoming for short stories, but I do know writing a quick story on a deadline really did help.

Now that I am involved in a weekly writing prompt with Reedsy and I entered a short story contest, I feel I can get back into the swing of things. I don’t want to call my mini writing meltdown ‘writer’s block’ but there was something missing for a few days. I am happy that I was able to recharge my creative batteries with a couple thousand words here and there.

Stay Fabulous newbies! See you real soon.

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying. - Michael Jordan

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