Growing Pains…Keeping Up With Your Work Through the Holidays

I have a confession. I have been a terrible person this past week. I misbehaved and if I was working for a company, they would have fired me. Since I am working for myself, I will give myself a stern warning and shameful look in the mirror…tomorrow.

Thanksgiving wasn’t such a bad time and I was able to work through the one day holiday. I can handle not eating candy and I turned Halloween into something fun (I dressed as an audio book and I sold a few of my children’s book “Halloween Fun”). Christmas on the other hand, I turned into a little kid and celebrated like I had the week off from school. I barely took any time on my WIP, I slept all hours of the day, I binged on Netflix and Prime Video, and I slacked off whenever possible.

Every distraction I could find, I made sure to do. I have no excuse for this behavior. The glitz and glam of the holiday season got a hold of my inner child and I was done.

I was given a planner for a Christmas gift and it didn’t help much when it came to my word count nor did it keep me on track for my Facebook Live events (except for my Forbidden Fridays, that’s too much fun NOT to do). I ignored my email list this week as well.

How will I ever find success if I can’t stay consistent? Especially after my last blog “Consistence is Key” last week. Not only did I ignore my readers, I lied to my followers on this. Way to end the year, huh?

Well, I am not going to vow to you all in 2019 I will be consistent and perfect. We have just established I’m not. I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions because I don’t believe in them. I believe in trying to become a better person but that’s not going to happen by Tuesday. Just like I’m not going to make JK Rowling sales by Thursday.

Let’s just say it’s a new year. We keep on going, I will have that talk with myself in the morning (after my coffee, of course) and get back to work. I need to remember this week and learn from it. I don’t know of any author that did nothing and made a successful career out of procrastination.

Enjoy your parties tomorrow evening (aka tonight). Be safe, be careful, be fabulous. I am sure there will be some GREAT stories to capture while you sit in the corner and people watch. I know there will be at my party.

2019—Newbies, this is OUR YEAR!!!

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. - Winston Churchill

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