Growing Pains…Consistency is Key

I am no rich or famous author, not yet anyway. I still get excited seeing my ad on Walmart ebooks. I have the screenshot and I show everyone I know. Not for them to buy it, no. To show them how far I have come since the day I began. More to show ME how far I’ve come.

I know I am small potatoes in many eyes (you know I’m corny so I’m not apologizing for my bad puns) but I am consistent and I work every day to get in front of an audience. Sure, there are some that claim it will happen in only a few months…have you read their best selling books? Me neither.

I have heard of some that say it takes time to build the empire. Your brand will last if you create your foundation and care for it. Be consistent and don’t lose focus of your goals. The goal is NOT to sell your books but to BE YOU.

I am consistent, for the most part. I have seen the occasional slacking off. I have made mistakes. These mistakes I notice I am working on, many changes have come in the past months and many more will come. This is harder than we originally thought, true, but it is so much more fun than dreading that morning rush hour traffic and the Monday morning alarm clock.

I love when I hear those complaining of their job and their bosses. I can’t help but sneak a smirk. I tell myself how lucky I am to be a self-published author. Then I see them go on vacations to Bermuda. That’s fine, when I am established, I’ll be living there writing my best sellers.

First I have to keep engaging on videos, Facebook Live and email games with my readers. When do I find the time to write? Well, it is getting tougher. I’ll be honest, my daily word count dropped to a level I’m not happy about. Then again, consistency is key. I need to set my schedule for time.

I will write when I see it is fit. I will read the how to books and keep on top of things. I will stay connected to my fans and keep them happy. The next year will be better than this one (it will be tough do accomplish because this year I found my calling).

Work hard and whatever you do, do it well and do it often. The growth will be slow but one step forward is one step closer to our destination. Stay fabulous newbies! 2019 best selling titles here we come!

Mistakes are the portals of discovery. - James Joyce

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