Growing Pains…Emotional Support is Essential

I have a confession, this is more to brag than to give advice. Well, I celebrate Christmas and given the holiday I spent a lot of my money on advertising and not as much as I wished I could on gifts (okay, that isn’t the bragging part). My family understood. My friends understand the financial situation I have been in the past eight months. I don’t like it but they see a dream and passion.

I became a different person since this journey began. I grew into a new being. I heard many compliments based on this, I didn’t believe them to be true from some and didn’t care much about the sincerity from others. Those close to me are the ones that count. I was not sure about what they thought.

Some may say “It doesn’t matter what they think, it’s what makes you happy.” Well, I call bull crap on that comment. You need the support of your close ones by your side. I felt somewhat of support in the beginning, but I thought they felt it was a phase. I felt they thought I needed a minute to revamp and get back on track. I thought they didn’t REALLY believe in me.

Yesterday, I felt the support of my family. I received a planner that is needed more than you know. I have too many envelopes scattered about my coffee table. They have lists and notes on the back of them and I have no idea how old they are or if I completed them. As soon as I got home, I began filling out my schedule for the next two weeks (the tasks I know that I know I need to do). I received a few other things that will help with organization but you get the idea.

It isn’t so much that I need a material item to solidify the confidence my family has in me. It is what came with the gifts. The note in the card saying “all your dreams come true,” is when I realized that it is for real.

More support comes when my family asks if I have extra books for them to give as gifts. It shows their pride in me. I love it. Even if I don’t have the book available, I smile or my eyes light up. The fact they are asking to give MY book to a child or they went to my website and bought a child a tee shirt is pretty cool.

These little things tell me I have supporters, fans, people I can fall back on for emotional support. I have a day that I want to cry and scream? I think of the day my mom asked if she could give my cousin’s kid one of my children’s books along with a shirt. I could recall when my best friend wanted to buy my entire series in print.

I look at that card that says my dreams will come true. I will get motivated. If I’m not feeling like I could do it, I go to my new planner in my new bag and say to myself “I have this to do, that to do, it’ll be fine, one thing at a time.”

My support doesn’t have to be there all the time but they will always be my motivation to keep going and my reminder that I’m not alone in this journey. My success will be because of my hard work AND their support.

I hope you all had a great holiday and Happy Kwanzaa to those that celebrate.

Have a fabulous week and if you don’t hear from me, an unforgettable 2019!

Failure is a word unknown to me. - Muhammad Ali Jinnah

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