Growing Pains…Advertising for the Holidays

Everyone knows comes with Christmas with gifts, lots and lots of gifts. Well, this could be a good boost for an newbie author’s sales on her books. I am hoping. I can’t just hope. I have to act. What did I do? I decided to do some advertising for one of my books. Yes, I concentrated on one.

Why just one? I thought since I have a series, I can push the one, some will like this one book and decide that they will go for the others in the “Regrettable & Forbidden.” I used more than one site this weekend.

Johnny Andrews calls a blast when you advertise on multiple sites all at once, a mini blast is only a few sites advertised. Not sure if that is a common term or his, he likes to use a lot of silly terms I have never heard of before.

The BLAST can be expensive so I went for a mini mini blast…I call it that because I am only advertising on four sites this weekend. I am not advertising a free book. I chose a book that is $2.99.

There are many sites that will take your book and give it exposure for free. As long as you’re not charging money for your e-book. Awesomegang¬†gives a list for you that has something for just about everyone.

I decided to use this weekend for reasons I thought were good. I felt there were going to be people traveling and waiting in airports or sitting at home baking and waiting around for the cakes or cookies to be ready. They would want to read while they wait.

I have my book posted to some of these readers’ sites and they will see it. I have one or two that will be on all week. I only have some on Saturday and Sunday, some only Sunday. I told myself no more advertising because I can’t afford it.

I am reading some more about putting my books out there and what I need to do. Well, guess what I see? The best time to advertise is right AFTER Christmas day. You know why? Gift cards on Christmas day and everyone will be excited to begin reading and will look for what to read the day after.

What a dope. I should have used common sense. My demographic for the first two books were mid twenties to mid thirties. The twenty somethings are not the ones waiting for the cookies to bake. They will be the ones getting the gift cards on Christmas Day. Okay, some will be baking cookies, but not as many as the gift card group.

Let’s see what happens, I guess. Maybe those that see it will be waiting in the airport, the twenty somethings will be going home for Christmas, right?

I could try and get my free e book on the free advertising list but I would almost bet my life savings ($3.48) it is filled up on December 26th. Then again, not trying is a guarantee it will not go on the list.

Well, newbies, I hope you have a fabulous holiday sales season. Check out that list if you have a free ebook you would like to get your name out there. Don’t forget your back matter and info (I’m still upset and always will be I forgot that in my first freebie offer).

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