Growing Pains…Advertising and Such

I have been having trouble getting my third book ‘out there’ and the fourth one is almost ready for publishing. It has been a while since I published anything, I have been trying to market and advertise. I have been on a ‘branding’ journey. 

I feel like I am taking online business courses, to be honest. In any case, I am disappointed with the lack of sales with my third book. I really like the story. It is my favorite out of the three. I guess it gets tougher to sell the middle of the books in the series as opposed to the first couple.

I must admit, I was still green when I published this one. I didn’t have as much information on what to do after you publish a book. I was still on the ‘high’ of clicking that ‘publish’ button. I still get it today.

I also began illustrating and writing my children’s series as soon as I published ‘Saving Lisa’ because the story took so much out of me. It is a very emotional book. I cried writing the first chapter. 

A side note, for the authors, does that happen often? Is it something that we do as writers for professional works? I have cried and decided to begin writing but I never (until this story) started writing and THEN cried. 

This is why it is my favorite. The first chapter got to me. I changed the cover a few times, I fixed the blurb, I made so many adjustments. I spent thirty bucks on Facebook ads but to no avail. 

I think the advertising was my fault. I am still a newbie that needs work on that. I’m taking a free course (so far I can’t tell you if it’s helping or not, it’s the first day). The course is geared more for coaches or businesses that will lure you into a big bucks type of deal. I am selling books and hope you are a return reader of my stories. I hope you become a fan. I want you to become a member of my group on Facebook, which is absolutely free.

This course I am taking does not sound like it will work well with me. I could be wrong. I might stick with it for another day or two and slowly bow out. I will contact the person and explain (I think it’s rude to just disappear, she should know why). 

I have other courses and webinars I can watch. I need to be careful I don’t watch too many different people but at the same time not put all my hopes in to one ideal. 

I was in a writer’s group the other day and I asked “Do you think this will work?” referring to James Patterson and his messenger/ interactive fiction idea for adults. I think it will be a massive hit or a complete flop…no in between. Just my opinion of course.

The reply I got was, (paraphrase) ‘You get out what you put in. Nothing in this business is easy. A lot of hard work and effort can make anything work.’

Honestly, I thought I was reading a line from an after school special script. I almost wrote back ‘how cheesy and stupid do you think I am? I’m not falling for your garbage cult mentality.’ 

But I held back and erased the text I started. I believe part of that to be true. I don’t believe ANYTHING can work with hard work. That’s Cinderella Story garbage (my opinion). I do see the point he was making though. Change the mindset, and work at it until you change others into believing it will work.

That’s what I will do with my advertising on my books. I need to push them in new ways, like JP. Honestly, I have this obsession with him lately and have not read a single book of his. I like the way he is taking chances with old ideas. People are noticing what he is doing and labeling it as if he is the creator instead of the RE-creator. 

Well, enough of this ranting, I need to get back to advertising and maybe writing a thousand words on my fifth book. I hate the title that keeps coming up in my head. Maybe we should talk about that too. Electronic title creators…I never use them. They ask too many questions and I could never answer them the right way. For my one book, Saving Lisa, they wanted the weirdest title.

I was just playing with the creator, I already had it in my head. I need to keep with the style of my books and who the story is about. I can’t ask for title suggestions or I will give away the ending to my fourth book, which isn’t out yet. Once you read my fourth book if you’d like to help me figure out a title for the fifth (the fourth book will be out end of January), please contact me. I would love the help.

I know, that probably is something I shouldn’t do but hey, I did it anyway!

Stay fabulous newbies!

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying. - Michael Jordan

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