Growing Pains…Getting Back to Basics

I have to confess, I flaked a bit. I was on such a mission to get things right in one category of my career, I began to neglect my priority. My primary reason of becoming an author. I stopped writing for a minute and became a business person (wannabe) without having any words on the page.

I fixed that as soon as I realized it was happening. I got back into the driver’s seat and started that engine. I read up on the best approach to my issue in one of my books (I was having a small meltdown on that too). I began my fifth book (the fourth is still at the editor but you know what? I need to keep it moving).

I made it a point to get over a thousand to fifteen hundred words in a day for each story this weekend and today. I felt the groove so I let it flow. Since the overwhelm was out of my system I did it and one of the stories had the fifteen hundred words in less than an hour. I was shocked about that. I was really feeling it. That story must have been itching to come out.

Today, it was a little tougher, but I got it done. I will do the same tomorrow. I need to keep pace and not revise at all until it is complete. Then look at my stuff a few days after. I’ll revise two weeks later and then book an editor soon after I know I’m happy. Both of these will not be completely done for a while. I am going to be tougher on myself more than usual.

I think I will read them out loud and play it back. I noticed things sound harsher out loud.

I’ll be honest, I’m not going to do marketing or advertising today. I am going to continue to write. I did want to get some sort of blog out there so you see I’m doing something today.

So, stay fabulous newbies!

I’m not going to post my Failure post…I have something better in mind. I found it on Pinterest:

Robyn Branick


Robbie Ellie


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