Growing Pains…I Can’t Write Today

Typically, Thursdays are my day off. I need to find time for myself and working from home makes it difficult to do this. I never slow down, especially in a craft I am passionate about. I’m working constantly and when I’m not working, I’m thinking of my next project (or WIP).

1460155244376I force myself to take off on Thursdays because Saturdays I love using that time to write. I use Sundays to watch sports and relax so I have that day off as well. This Saturday I have plans and I need to work this Thursday.

I am not sure if my mind is used to Thursdays as my cleaning and shopping day (if you want to call my pathetic domestic skills ‘cleaning’). It could be the project I’m working on, I can’t find my groove lately. It is a monster I wasn’t prepared to take on. A journey of a thousand miles, right?

I get that. I foresee myself using this project taking longer, maybe a year. I’m sure that’s okay. I didn’t have a set deadline and it’s not in my genre. If I take the pressure off myself I will most likely be able to get it done.

I looked up how to be a good writer, a post I found on the Medium website. I discussed Aristotle and his philosophies on advancing your levels of writing. Well, right now I can’t. I read it and the article had some arguments that may work in the future, but not for now. It’s still a good read.

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I think my brain has a schedule of the week set and knows that it’s supposed to relax today. I’m not supposed to write or market today. Maybe catching up on research will help. As long as I don’t look up analytics and pixels (we all know how I despise that stuff) I should be okay.

If something isn’t working at the moment, the best thing is to drop it for a while. Why force a circle into a square, right?

Notice all the cliches I’m using…I have no business writing at all on a Thursday. I hope your creative juices are flowing better than mine (yes, exactly…I’ll stop while I’m behind).

Have a fabulous day newbies….and experts and everyone else that was able to finish reading this terrible blog. Cheers to you!

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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