Growing Pains…Growing the Business

I feel confident at this point of my six month journey I can add a few things to my website and launch page to better understand my readers. I am reading up on pixels and demographics. I know enough about SEO (search engine optimization) that I see the importance of getting my name and my books out there for all to see (not that everyone has seen them yet, but we’re getting better).

I quickly realized that since half of my family didn’t know I am in the self-publishing business, why would strangers know this?

Anyways, awareness is key. Seeing my name and face on a regular might be a big piece to a never ending puzzle. Familiarity will get more sales than hiding in the corner. Nobody will come looking for me, I have to go finding them. If I know my audience, then I can put myself in front of those demographics and be more likely to get sales.

The demographics will able me to decide how to utilize my advertising and the cost should stay down. So I’ve heard (if done correctly). I’m sure there’s still a learning curve.

This is the point of pixels and analytics. I am becoming a business marketer along with an author. Oh boy.

So I signed up for Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels. Oh great…what is this? It’s a bunch of crazy letters, numbers and symbols. Okay, let me read the directions. Copy and paste to the HTML for the pages I want them on. Alright, nope. I have no idea where.

EVERY blog and YouTube video tells me it’s super simple. Well, none of these people have met me. I added it to the page after my site heading, before the site heading, after the slash, before the colon, after my name, everywhere imaginable. Guess what’s not super simple.

I lift up my laptop and walk over to the window…I open the window, the cool air hits me in the face. I calm down and realize throwing my laptop down three stories will not place the pixels in the HTML correctly. I place the laptop on the table and make a cup of coffee.

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The code they give me is just not for analytics and pixels. They use them for other areas. I want to create a raffle of some sort in the near future but guess what? They want me to embed code to the site. Oh well, I guess I’m not setting this up this week.

To be quite honest, I am not 100% positive I’m using the correct terminology in this article. I think I am, but this whole thing is just so confusing!

I can’t afford to hire a techie. I am going to have to bother my techie neighbor again. I hope he can just add all the techie code all over the place. I’ll buy him a few drinks for his trouble.

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Thank goodness he loves this kind of stuff because if I didn’t have friends and family in the business, I would have no money from hiring someone to do all of this.

I am still on a high from all the great milestones lately so this won’t get me down. It is just a step back I can overcome. The road of a newbie is never without a pothole or two.

I hope you don’t mind my venting today. I know I haven’t given advice lately, it’s been more of a journal/ diary. Still, think about adding demographics into your website…there’s my advice for you.

Have a great day and stay fabulous!

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence. - Colin Powell

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4 thoughts on “Growing Pains…Growing the Business

  1. I tried, just for fun, but I can’t install the correct plug in to add Google Analytics to my website. I’m not self-hosted on WordPress and I don’t have the business plan. Are either of those two things holding you back? I could pay for the business plan, but in all honesty, I rarely blog (and I should more, I know, but I’m working like crazy to finish up a book) and it’s not worth it to me to pump money into my website. I know I should be self-hosted, but see reasons above why I’m not. 😛

    1. At first I thought that was my problem so a few months ago I added the business plan. Quite honestly I’m not sure if this was a smart idea or not. I kept the plan for other plug ins. Then I added the plug in short cut but even then I think I have the wrong short cut plug in. It seems everything I am trying to do at this point wants analytics. I want to have an ongoing raffle every 90 days but if I get the site that is compatible with WP I would need to use the code with them too. I feel kind of stuck. At least some places will put it in automatically. It helps a little.

      1. I wish I could help you out. 🙁 I don’t plan on purchasing the business package. I wanted a place to list my books and blog occasionally. I don’t have a newsletter since I have enough trouble thinking of stuff to blog about. right now i’m still pretty much trying to build a back list. Good luck!

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