Growing Pains…Hitting Milestones

As a newbie writer, down from cloud nine, I have come to realize I will not be a best selling author by Friday. When I clicked that button on Amazon for my first book back in June, I had other fantasies. Yes, I thought I would be living in a wonderful house with a huge backyard and possibly an indoor pool by now.

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Nope, welcome to reality, Robyn.

Well, I still have milestones that I hit on occasion that give me a euphoric feeling so great I would never trade for that indoor pool (well… maybe).

The first milestone was publishing Wendy’s Song, my first book. That’s a given. The minute I got an email from Amazon saying it’s out, I stood up and did my happy dance. I bet my downstairs neighbor thought I was going to fall through her ceiling.

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The next milestone noticing strangers bought my book. That was great. I was living my dream and life was happening.

A review came in. Wow, this is unbelievable. How great is this? Somebody is taking the time to read MY book and then it evoked enough emotion in them to rate it? I am going places.

A publishing company has contacted me to take a look at my next work? They want to read my next manuscript? I am not sure how much of a milestone this is, it feels good to see that people are noticing, even if it’s to take my money. Thanks, but no thanks.

Now, I have the book in an ad for a day or two. I am giving it out for free….HOLY CANNOLI! A thousand downloads? You have to be kidding me. This thing is on fire. Granted, I never entered a contact page to the back of my e-book, therefore I messed up getting an e-mail list and potential reviews, but it’s still a great feeling.

This brings me to my next milestone. As a result of my crazy downloads in one day, I was rated #5 in my genre for a minute. Maybe an hour. I was rated #9 in another genre at the same time. I was on Amazon less than a month and I was top ten long enough for another happy dance.

Mansion with a heated indoor pool here I come!

Yeah, right! Well, now my other milestones that have been coming in slowly. I hit my first 100 contacts on my readers’ list. I only had four for so long but when I learned the right way to do it, 100 came fairly quick. Then, I passed 150. I’m between that and 200 right now. I plan on having 200 by next week.mailchimp monkey

My first volunteer for the ‘Forbidden’ advanced team is my next milestone. I received an email the other day. I am extremely excited to announce I have ONE person that requested to be a beta tester. Thank you! She is not my cousin from Long Island by the way. A complete stranger read a book of mine and wanted to be part of MY TEAM.

As a newbie this stuff will never get old. I can’t imagine it EVER getting old. How could anyone get complacent in this business? The mere fact that others accept you and love what you write is one of the best feelings ever.

Writing is such a passion, I won’t lose momentum from this high. I am addicted to being an author. I’m an autho-addict (or authoholic, whichever you prefer).

My first audible is on its way out. I listened to the draft and it is SO WEIRD! Hearing my work read to me is similar to hearing my voice on a recording. I was smiling the entire time I listened to the product and I was crazy excited, I’m not sure if I missed any mistakes. I know what I heard is good. I caught two minor things and they’re being taken care of as we speak.

johns journey audiblecopy

I am loving this life. The drama of an author (yeah, I’m corny) is far better than real life excitement.

To all the newbies out there, we need to remember our milestone highs. It will get us through our low points. We have a long way to go in this journey. Days like these will not last, but I hope for our sake they come more often.

Good luck in your writings this week and stay fabulous!

Without failure there is no achievement. - John C. Maxwell

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    1. Yes, I feel it will be too! I have you to thank for guiding me in a direction when I was wandering around in the dark. Great to hear from you.

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