Growing Pains…Never Second Guess Because of Others

The past few days I have had trouble with my confidence because of ONE differing opinion. Granted, the opinion is based on an editor I requested to look at my final draft for improvements. Still, this drove a big dagger in my spirit. I fell backwards in my growth as a writer.

I reread a few chapters of my revised work. I am happy with it. Why did I second guess myself? I am angry I let this happen. I know I don’t always revise my blog. Sure, if she said I was grammatically incorrect in my work on this…definitely. I agree. I know I am.

I reread this and rework it at times, but not to the degree I work on my novelettes. My stories have feeling and drama. My series is not the editor’s style, she could have just said that. Maybe I am a little too sensitive about my writing, I don’t know. I need the criticism and I need to grow. I need the honest opinions. Maybe I know it but can’t handle it. Maybe the short answer with little explanation is why I’m second guessing my abilities.

I will go with another editor that agreed to work with me and they will give me feedback. I will take their expert advice and become a better writer. I need to work on my writing. I know this, all new authors need to improve. I am guessing I will need to improve when I am in the business fifteen years from now (not sure, I’ll tell you in fifteen years).

One reason why I decided to start this website was to help me improve my skills. I felt writing a little bit each week would get me there quicker. I write my stories every day, yes, but sometimes not setting up an outline or scenes (I just started this phase for my stories) can help too. Rereading and seeing a little bit on a page without going back right away will teach me I can just write until my thoughts are complete.

One day this will be something that might free my writing and get my word count up. It might bring my confidence up one day. I had a mini setback and that’s okay. I realize I am not Shakespeare.

I am more of an Edgar Alan Poe, crazy stories with little consideration for spelling (not true but you get the idea). As a matter of fact, Poe used to drive me crazy with his lack of spelling skills. The greatest of writers back in the day had no editors, no publishing companies and look at how we cherish their classics.

We don’t second guess their skills, they are the greatest minds with even greater stories that teach us how to live. I shouldn’t second guess my skills. I should work on improving the talents I already have and go from there. I find an editor match for me that will get me where I want to be and just keep writing.

No short or simple opinion should bring me down.

Have a great day of writing and newbies, you’re doing great! Keep up the good work.


Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness. - Oprah Winfrey

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