Growing Pains…Prioritizing

After the other day and my mini stumble, I decided to create a dream board of sorts. I have a white board hanging on my door near my laptop I use for lists but I rarely use it or this original purpose.

On my refrigerator I have a saying an old student wrote for me a while back:


Forget Everything And Run


Face Everything And Rise

I look at that paper every day and read it aloud. Nobody hears me…that’s wrong. I hear myself. As I read it I feel better and stronger. Believe it or not, that yellow paper with the simple writing gets me through some difficult days.

I decided I will work on prioritizing and scheduling my daily tasks. I woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to FACE EVERYTHING but the editor’s words from the other day were in my head. I decided to wait a bit before I reread my story and find another task. I guess you could say I RAN.

I was told one of the easiest ways to make money (according to the experts…again) is to have advertisers on my website.

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The gurus claim this is automatic money in my pocket and I don’t need to do much to collect funds monthly. Well, first off it took me three hours to set up something I’m not even sure will work. Second, I don’t have the following a best selling author has.

So far this ‘easy money’ scheme is frustrating and not what I call prioritizing. I believe I may have already broken my promise to myself…in less than a day. Stay focused and no distractions. Rise up and prioritize. It’s disappointing to let yourself down like that.

I hope it works out to my advantage in the long run but I doubt it. The ‘easy tips’ the experts love to tell us about NEVER turn out so easy in the beginning. I would love for someone to give us the REAL story one day. mailchimp monkey

Tell me the truth and say ‘Listen, your email list will take months, maybe years to grow.’ How about, ‘It will take hours for you to create a decent blurb and you should write and rewrite a few drafts, throw them out and make a few more. Then MAYBE you’ll find your zone and hit the jackpot in a few days after truly working on it. Don’t forget to rework that one as well.’

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I would love the advertising experts to tell me that I will lose money on my first few tries as I figure out what I’m doing. These tips are important to my confidence. I continuously think I have tools from these guys but then I turn around and I’m wondering…”What am I doing wrong?”

My favorite advice I did hear so far has been ‘You’re going to be a terrible author in the beginning, and that’s okay. We all were.’ I stick to that because it helps me get on with my growth. I have made so many mistakes. I don’t know what I’m doing half the time.

I know they have failed time and time again to get to where they are, I am no different and neither is the next guy/girl. Okay, JK Rowling is a beast. She might be different.

I understand it has been a long time since many of these experts have felt what us newbies have been through. Sometimes people forget the frustrations and the impatience.

I am in a few writing groups and I read the irritations of other writers that have a thousand plus in their email lists and I think to myself ‘am I good enough to be in this group?’

There are others in the groups that have the money to pay for their blurbs and website overhauls. I don’t have the money to spend on certain things like this. I don’t judge them for it, I think it’s great they can manage doing this for all their books. I am just overwhelmed with all the tasks that come with marketing and writing.

I can’t wait for the day I have the opportunity to hire out for certain tasks so my focus can be on the books. My priorities won’t be comparing my work to others. I guess while you’re new in anything self doubt is the biggest set back. I’m still thinking about what that editor said the other day. I need to get that out of my head…now!

One of my closest friends is a saleswoman. She is KILLING IT on social media. I don’t always buy her products but I watch her work it on Facebook. I am in awe. I try to study her tactics to see how I can mesh them in with my marketing. Any little thing that helps, right?

This leads me to my priorities. I need to stop listening and watching everyone and focus on creating books that everyone will want to read. Then I need to brag about how awesome they are on my adverts. First I need to stop watching, reading and learning. I need to just write.

I will take my whiteboard and create a schedule. I will Face Everything And Rise!

On that note, I need to reread that draft and forget the editor told me my story is too underdeveloped for her to work with me. I will take her advice and RUN. I will succeed and become a best seller soon, but not right away. That does not happen overnight. I am not JK Rowling. Good luck newbies, hopefully one of us out there has the next Harry-mania best seller out there.


Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence. - Colin Powell

Stay fabulous, newbies!

Robyn Branick


Robbie Ellie


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