Growing Pains…When It Seems EVERYTHING Goes Wrong At Once

I know this title is an exaggeration, but we all feel like this at one point or another. I will tell my story and then give some type of motivational speech for those who are in my shoes. I am not sure if the speech will be for my benefit or yours, maybe a little for both of us.

Okay, most of my issues aren’t really that bad but when you put them all together I want to rip my hair out (not really, maybe just a strong cup of coffee and a nap).

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I had my audio book set up for a while and there was a deadline for the sample. The producer missed that deadline. I wanted to get it completed by the beginning of December, if possible.

I contacted her and asked what happened. She took her time to reply and said I would get my sample by the beginning of the week. She missed that deadline too (this was a couple of weeks ago). I don’t know this person, I am assuming they are just someone that misses deadlines so I contacted the company and I terminated the contract. I contacted her saying I no longer need her services. I received a reply right

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away with an excuse.

I am assuming the company contacted her as well because she e-mailed me again stating there was an emergency. I had no idea, just a simple email could have solved this. Not to mention I have a deadline I would have liked to make but now this will be impossible.InkedUntitled design (8)_LI

My next ugh! moment is, I went through Reedsy Marketplace in order to look at Developing Editors for a manuscript. They gave me an opportunity to contact five different freelance editors to help me with my work. So far two have declined. One editor’s offer is reasonable compared to some places I looked at but will not be available until after January 1st.

I am not familiar with how often freelance editors work but if I need to wait this long for them to start, this means I won’t be releasing the story until February/ March the earliest.

One of the declines told me she was too busy but if I have any work for her in February she would be happy to work with me. Okay, thanks. The other told me the story is too early in development to bother. Ouch! I should go back and look at it again. Maybe I should check out an editorial assessment?

An editorial assessment is cheaper and it’s an editor’s ‘overview of the manuscript.‘ It looks at the development of the characters, plot, structure and style (Google Definition paraphrase).

Should I let one opinion second guess my work? She is a professional. I am new in the business. What do I do? I hear of not letting reviews get to me but when a potential editor says that…now what?

Another problem I encountered today was my rereading of a story. I like to print out my drafts. I read them on my laptop but this one is a bit more complicated. I need the print out to double check the pages are on point. This is my interactive fiction for MG. Apparently my colored ink is out. I have yellow but no red or blue. All of my ‘choices’ are in red. I am reading, highlighting, and crossing out some of the pages and lines in the story. I get to the first choice (or where I thought the first choice was) and there is nothing there. UGH!

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I was not in the mood for this today. I wanted to get this out to my test readers tomorrow. It didn’t have to be finished but the pages had to be perfect. I am slowly working on this project. I don’t expect this to be complete for months from now but PLEASE stop letting me run into walls!

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Now that I have that one editor still in my head all day. Should I spend the money on audio books? Is it worth it? Is my work good enough for this? I am letting that one opinion get to me. I am noticing that self-editing my MG story is affected tonight. I can’t concentrate. I am second guessing sentences, ‘is that grammatically correct?’

I need to stop myself before it spirals into something worse. It is okay that one person says my work is not ready. The point of getting an editor is to make the work better. She may not be ready for my type of writing. It may not be her cup of tea.

It could be her, it could be me. I am happy she declined it. The woman that is not ready until January is a good fit but typically I need to publish a story every 17-21 days to be acknowledged in this genre (according to the experts). I don’t have that kind of time. Then again, I might not have a choice.

I notice that there are going to be crazy situations that happen in this business. They have happened quite often for me. It hasn’t happened all at once yet to get me this frustrated. I am assuming it will happen again and probably to a greater degree. This is okay and I will be fine.

I told a friend today that things will work out and she always comes out on top. She’s a fighter. I need to tell that to myself.

Newbie writers…we have come this far, no stopping us now. We had the courage to publish a book and get ourselves out there, we can get through anything.

I use this link for the end of my posts and I will share it for you today. When I am in need, I look through them:

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I don’t consider myself a failure today but I’m definitely not giving up because of the miscues that challenged me. I will be a failure if I don’t continue on this path. This is my passion, my obsession. I have never felt happier in my life. There is no giving up. If it so happens I am living in a cardboard box stealing WiFi from the local Starbucks while I write this silly blog in the middle of a snowstorm, so be it.

If I wind up under a bridge writing my next story with a broken crayon on a piece of used napkin, that’s what I will be doing. I am that determined.

So if you newbies feel like me, an unknown editor should not let us second guess our confidence. An audible producer is a small setback. We can get more colored ink tomorrow. Let’s work on what we can control today and figure out the rest together another time.

Failure at some point in your life is inevitable, but giving up is unforgivable. - Joe Biden

Stay fabulous and keep it up!

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