Growing Pains…Staying Active/ In Shape

The little time I have been writing and blogging have been taking a toll on my body. I noticed a few ( I lied, more than a few) pounds added to my belly and other areas. Even some of my comfy pajamas and sweatpants are becoming less comfortable. My favorite ‘extra large’ sweatshirt is not so extra anymore.

I was talking to one of my friends about this subject last week and she has the same issue. We were unhappy about winter coming but thankful we could hide our bodies for the next few months to do something about it (spoiler alert, I don’t have a plan to stop eating).

Ironically, I found a few author emails on the subject. One really struck a chord with me. The email discussed back pain and aches while writing too long. I write in an odd position. I lie on my belly in bed. My laptop is on a table and, usually, I have my feet propped up on a wall. I live in a small apartment so it may be tough to imagine my position, so here it is:

my position writing My feet look so far away! Oh well, that’s how my camera phone works I guess. Anyway, writing in this position for hours at a time really does a number on your neck and back. Sometimes I get up for a cup of coffee and I can’t stand up straight.

This is why the email from the guru author was so important to me. He discussed running and stretching every day. This is a great point. He mentioned that pain does no good for writing. I agree. Pain is a distraction. I have had it and now I am gaining weight from not moving for hours at a time.

If you aren’t a runner that’s fine. Yoga or a light walk to the convenience store would do wonders. Moving the body helps clear your mind and stretches the muscles so you become a better writer. I know I write so much more and I get more done after a workout.

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Another thing I realized was my diet. I lived off of delivery during my first couple of months in writing professionally (I’m aware it’s only been five months). I was always tired and lightheaded thinking it was my intensity and commitment. Well, last month or so I change from delivery to making sure I go to the store and buy groceries.

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I force myself to get healthier food. I am not saying I am a health nut, I am far from it. I still need to have my cookies and the occcasional churro. What I am saying is living off of garbage food is not good for the writing process.

Writing great books is in the details. Not just the details of your manuscript but also in the details of how we live our lives. We need sleep, we need breaks, we need to move around and we need a vegetable once in a while. I don’t know about you, but I know I need a cookie at least once a week. We need to keep our wits about us (unless madness is your muse, then stick with that).

I tried to stick with schedules in the past. They don’t work, I use lists. I am going to add movement to my list. Something like a walk to my gas station to buy some cookies or coffee. A quick workout when I have writer’s block would be great. My endorphins or anger at the burn could get me some good material. You never know.

Learning is a process, I learned this the old fashioned way with a little help from an email. I love how the internet can read my mind. Good luck newbies, stay fabulous and keep moving!

Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence. - Colin Powell

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