Growing Pains…Implementing ‘Easy’ Tasks

I am in my dream career. It has been less than six months but I hit the floor running. Many things stayed behind, I was so excited I jumped at all the tasks that were laid out in front of me. At least the ones that I saw.

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I am a bit calmer… okay, more organized. I will never be calmer. I am less ignorant in the duties needed. There are MANY responsibilities for an indie author. We wear many hats. I still realize this months and books later.

The few jobs I thought I had down reasonably well, I don’t. These actions all have layers. They are forever evolving. I love to learn and grow but there is so much, overwhelm kicks in on a daily basis.

I decided to implement one or two of the ‘autopilot’ tasks to keep my jobs at a minimum and exposure potentially maximized. I’m beginning to realize the word ‘autopilot’ should be banned.

My children’s books’ illustrations are on I use the site as an advertisement. I buy my friends’ children tee shirts with Silly Sally and Alex (characters from my kid books). I added a collection from my series The Regrettable & Forbidden to it the other day (my novelette series).

Why not? I have a cute young guy on one cover, I have phrases to help with my email list and it will go well with the ‘autopilot’ idea. I had no idea how long it took to add. Not to mention, I spent money buying a shirt or two. Sure, I get free shipping and a discount, but I think I spend more money than I will make.

Oh, and if any of you read my other post about the videos for my emails…I still can’t get my ‘forbidden fridays’ video fixed. I think I am going to have to get creative, show an awful version and add text stating “what’s your worst video/ selfie?”

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That might be the best way to go. My email list keeps growing. I love my growth. I am enjoying that I’m learning so much in such a little amount of time. Now if my talent in marketing could catch up with everything else.

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I feel like the sixth grader that grew six inches in one summer. She is starting to look like a teenager but walks into walls and trips on her own feet every five steps.  That is my impatience talking. I will get there. We all survived puberty. I am growing and learning. This is my self-publishing childhood and I should embrace it.

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As for me not calming down, I am doing something that I’ve read is a no-no in the industry. I am writing two books at once. Technically, I am letting my book breathe for a minute before the next edit. While this is going on, I am working on an MG interactive fiction.

I had grand ideas about this interactive fiction story. Holy Cow! This story is going to take a lot longer than I anticipated. I have the organization, so far. Let’s wait and see how long that goes.

I remember reading a few of the interactive fiction stories when I was young. In case you’re not familiar with the term, they were called “Choose Your Own Adventure.”

Essentially it is a book that gives choices to the reader. A quick example would be: Johnny is walking down a path. He notices a creepy old house with the door ajar. What does Johnny do?

page 31– he walks through the door

page 42– he runs into the forest

Well, this is basic, but you get the idea. Considering the reader has choices throughout the book, the author needs to create a variety of scenarios for one story. This means my typically shorter versions of a story will be tripled (or larger) in size.

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They are a lot of fun to create and read. I am having fun but I need to keep organized. As of now, I have postcards paperclipped together with post-it notes all over the place. I keep my phone on silent and make sure I have nothing to do the days I am writing the story.

The pages need to be precise, I am already off on my document. One issue that I am sure will be huge during formatting.

I have been reading “Writing Interactive Fiction” by Deb Potter. It has been helpful, for the most part. If you’re considering writing this type of genre, I suggest you check this book out. I am attempting to write a hard copy version as of right now but Potter discusses writing an ebook version.

Well, I need to get back to business. I have so much to do. Only three tasks on my list but you know they will take me all week to complete. The life of a newbie, what can I say.

Have a fabulous day and keep on it, we got this!


Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. - Winston Churchill

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opened mouth black haired boy in gray full zip jacket standing on grass field taking selfie


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