Growing Pains…I Have an Email List, What Next?

I have been so focused on the goal of getting an actual email list of readers, I have neglected to figure out what to do with this list. There are so many questions I have:

What do I do with this list?

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When do I contact them?

How do I thank them for signing up?

When do I do all of these things?

How do I do ANY of these things?

mailchimp monkeyI have so much to read on e-mail lists. I guess I never thought I would ACTUALLY get anyone to sign up. Maybe I was so focused on getting readers, I wasn’t thinking of the next step.

In any case, I need to step up my game. I have to figure out how to NOT bother these people AND not ignore them. They are signed up because they are interested in my work. That is a compliment. I guess I can officially take my own name off of my list. I probably won’t. I still need to see if I’m sending crazy information or sending something more than once.

I send my other account the test preview but I still need to check four times before I know. I still don’t know if my thank you template goes to my readers right away. I want to fix something in my thank you template but I am not sure if the original thirty will get it again on top of the new subscribers.

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I can’t afford to lose the thirty I have right now. That number may not seem like a lot to some of you, to a newbie that just went from four to thirty in a matter of three days…it’s a lot.

I am in promotions and giveaways. That is how I received the jump in readers. The advertisements on AMS and Facebook hasn’t worked for me. When I first wrote “Wendy’s Song” I had an advertisement on one of the free weekend five dollar deals online. It gave me a jump on Amazon. I had almost a thousand readers download the book.

I thought that was great because my book was top five in my genre for a quick minute. My big mistake with that is I didn’t have any information or giveaway in the back of the book to entice readers to review the book or sign up for my list.

I learned my lesson. That is why it is better to research and read before you act. I have said this before, a professor used to tell me “If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

The funny thing is, I remember the infamous line AFTER THE FACT.

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This is why I need to read up on email etiquette. I cannot let the readers down. I am in the process of completing my fourth book in my series. I want to notify the readers of this but I can’t just say “Hey, how are you. I am selling this book.”

That sounds kind of crappy. I know of an author that did that to me and I unsubscribed from her right away. Honestly, I gave her three chances to NOT sell to me, but that was all she did.

I understand it is a business but I saw she was collaborating with other authors and she was the only one that sounded shady with her email. I am signed up with her associates as well. They offered advice on various things. She offered to sell me things. While her associates offered their friends links, she did not. I felt that was a little shady.

Something to remember, don’t forget your friends/ fellow authors. I would think if you felt comfortable enough to work with someone, it could only help your business to send some work their way, no? I know it didn’t help to ignore them.

What I did on my thank you list is I offered the promotions links from both websites and said there are some great authors here (I’m not lying, there were one or two books on there that were really interesting). I also said I will offer a test reading if they’re interested. It’s not required. I mentioned more free promotions will be available on occasion and thanks again. Drop me a line on what your favorite type of reads are and hit me up on twitter and facebook.

I am hoping that one is the one that went through. If not then I have the generic thank you that I didn’t really mention my details and just the free ebook promotions. Not good for me but free ebooks from Bookfunnel and Prolific Works are available.

I am not sure if either email sounds good. I am going to have to research. I should not have done anything until I knew for a fact what was right. After I find out exactly what is the right thing to do, I need to make sure I don’t email anyone more than once with a thank you email.

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Then I have to find out when the best time is the next time I can contact my readers. Would it be when I see more free stuff for them? I don’t want to bother them, I have three hundred unopened emails on my one account because I can’t deal. I don’t want to be one of those people.

Well, if anyone here wants some free ebooks, one is any genre and one is biography/ memoirs type of books. Below are the links:

dear diary on bookfunnel

group giveaway on prolific works

Thanks for reading and good luck with your email lists.

Stay fabulous,

Robyn Branick


Robbie Ellie


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