Growing Pains…Finding Out the Hard Way

I have spent some big bucks doing things the wrong way. I assume many authors in their newbie days have done the same. That’s not my point. My point is, I found a way that is not that hard and much cheaper. Okay, I will explain what the heck I’m talking about.

E-mail lists and how to get them.

I tripled my e-mail list today. Granted there were four of us on it (yes, one dropped me like a hot potato, and yes I am still on the list). The struggle is real! If anyone tells you differently, they are either lying or not authors.

Well, I prepared the reader’s magnet. I had the book funnel. I updated the covers on my e-books to make them fancy and professional. I got excited about it, I even did my third book which has nothing to do with the promotions (but I’m sure someone might want to read it one day).saving lisa ebook cover design (1)

Granted, I don’t have the means to hire anyone, but I know how to work a computer and is a free service. I fake it ’til I make it. 

I also set up my last page to link up to my email. It looks professional, in my mind it does. I did some testing and it works. Bookfunnel is set up and so is Prolific Works (previously Instafreebie).mailchimp monkey

Originally I had an ad on Facebook thinking this will get me some leads on a growing email list. Before I purchased advertising, I researched (I love to study up on as much information as possible, even if I think I know what I’m doing). Well, Facebook started me out with two or three e-mails and I spent seventeen dollars. I was not happy with my investment.

In the past, I spent money on AMS (Amazon) ads and they did get me tons of clicks but not much else. I spent more money on that than on Facebook.

In case you’re wondering, a click means the reader clicks the link to see what the book is about but they don’t purchase the book. Usually this means there is something with the book.

The click is what you spend the money on, not the reader just looking at the ad. If you would like to know more about AMS advertising, click here:

Considering my first book in my series is permafree, I am looking to get the word out to the public AND grow my email list more than waste any more money. I understand I will be spending but I don’t want to be wasting. Who does?

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I received an e-mail from Bookfunnel (or Prolific, sorry I can’t remember) about promotions or giveaways. I read about authors collaborating. I have never understood the concept…until now.

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Both websites have promotions on them. Your free book can become part of a giveaway with other authors. The giveaway I’m in with Prolific has no genre and they request the whole book (no chapter or partial read). You also need to promote on your email list and social media. I am fine with that. I will be sharing the links of the promotions at the bottom of this post.

The best part of this is, IT IS FREE! My Bookfunnel promotion began today and so far I tripled my email list. As a matter of fact, I am recieving notifications that subscribers are signing up AS I AM DRAFTING THIS POST! Exciting stuff, huh?

I could have saved myself some money weeks ago if I understood this collaboration thing when I read about it. Well, here are BookFunnel and Prolific Works pages if you’re interested in learning more about adding your ebooks on their sites and working with other authors.


Prolific Works

The life of a newbie is up and down but the ups feel pretty good.

Another thing I have learned is I need to NOT compare myself to other authors. I am part of a few author’s groups and there is some that discuss their lists. They ‘only’ have a hundred on their list. I don’t comment but I cringe when I read it. I would love to say I only have a hundred email addresses.

Some authors discuss their twenty reviews for one book and say they can’t advertise on Bookbub. I don’t have fifteen reviews for my ten books. Then I read on. Some of the authors have been in this business for years. I can’t imagine the frustration they are feeling. I am just beginning.

I read the criteria for Bookbub and I was in shock! I don’t want to get into what there is to do. I have a long way to go. I am taking this journey one step at a time. Today is a good day. I am getting my list closer to my hundred emails. I will be finishing up my fourth book in my series soon, I can ask my Forbidden list if they would like to test read. First I should ask if any would like to be on my Forbidden list.

I have lots to do, it looks like. The life of a newbie writer is never quiet. Let the chaos continue!

Whether I have four or one hundred fans on my email list, I am living my dream. I am lucky to have this opportunity, fifty reviews or five. Bookbub will have to wait, for now. I may not ever need to advertise on them (probably a lie, but that’s what I’m telling myself for now).

Below are the links for the giveaways/ promotions. The e-books come in various forms for all to enjoy. If you have a chance, I’m sure an aspiring author would love a chance for you to read and enjoy their story:

Dear Diary on Book Funnel Now until October 29

Prolific Works October 13-November 30th

Good luck to anyone trying to get on to Bookbub, if you have, congratulations, you have my respect!

Stay fabulous

Robyn Branick


Robbie Ellie



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