Growing Pains…Establishing an E-Mail List

Woohoo! I have my first bonafide email sign up! It is not a relative, nor is it my account. I ACTUALLY have a real person that I don’t know. Well, time will tell if this is a real person.

I have been fixing a few flaws to my reader’s magnet and upgrading my techniques on collecting email addresses. First I added ‘Bookfunnel’ and integrated it with MailChimp. Then I added Instafreebie. I created a Facebook ad for my free book (with the sign up) and cried when I saw the amount of money I spent this weekend.

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I used a few shortcuts in the past and so far it’s not working out that great. I am almost four months in and have little to show for it (9 books, enough money to go food shopping). I decided to try this out and I will see where it leads me.

If I do this for two weeks and I still only have that one email, then so be it. I will contact that person and welcome her/ him to my launch team. Free reads for everyone! Considering it is only one, I can handle it.

I have some time to try the products out and then say…oh well. They’re not for me. I know I’m not spending a ton of money on Facebook ads right now. I chose to use Facebook because while using the AMS worked okay in the beginning, I was not using it to its fullest potential and I need to expand to a WIDER audience to grow my email list.


I have tripled my email list. Woohoo!

I have also jumped up my sales with my third book. I was almost 6 million in the sales rank of Amazon. Now I jumped 5.6 million in the ranks for that one book (which means I’m #200k or something in there). I am assuming it has something to do with giving away the free ebooks. I give my first book in the series away, the rest of the books are affected.

The one day I go from almost six million to about two hundred thousand is insanity. If I read about this in an advertisement for a person trying to get me to purchase their ‘how to’ system, I would think they are liars and delete their emails.

Now that I have these three people on my email list. What is next, exactly? Do I send a thank you right away? Do I leave them alone and wait a week? What is the etiquette for emails? Should I go by my preference?

Yeah, that is most likely the best idea. If I don’t like getting hounded daily or weekly by some people, I doubt these people do either. If I don’t like emails that try and sell me something or just announce a sale without any consideration to me…you’re in the trash.

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I think this goes on instinct. I bet everyone has their own opinion because there are differing preferences. I will not be able to feel comfortable emailing once a week, I don’t think once a month is okay if I have nothing to say. If I have the book coming out or a short story to try out then great. I will send it to my readers. I don’t feel comfortable filling up the mailbox for no reason.

Even with my exceptional jump in the sales rank and my three readers, my reviews have stayed the same. I have one here, two there. I have less than ten reviews for all of my books combined. That will come with time. I’m sure that if I utilize my email list properly (all three of my fans), I can get more reviews.

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I am quite sure I will have a humongous drop in sales for the books again. I am confident that my rollercoaster ride isn’t over. I am not bragging by any means. Clearly, I am not number one. I have a few emails on my list. I am trying to get more professional and it is working.

Every little detail counts. I see that now. I will create a better product and learn more about this journey. I love every minute.

I read an article today on a well-known publisher’s blog. The quote that stuck with me said (paraphrasing) “I learned more with my failures than I did with my successes.”

I am grateful to have both. I am optimistic when things go my way, on a day like today. I learn a lesson on the days when I feel EVERYTHING has gone wrong. I also have a bag of cookies on hand in case I have a terrible day. Cookies make everything better.

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It is pouring rain in my area. I think even though I’m having a great day; I’ll have a cookie. My rules, I can break them.

You have a fabulous day wherever you are, and happy writing.

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