Leave a Review…Get Chapter 1!


19 is available for download (free until 6/10/2018) for those of you interested in a contemporary fiction short story. This was on my blog but now available on Amazon.

As for the Regrettable and Forbidden Series...I know many of you are interested in:

What happened to John?

How did Lisa…?

and so on…I don’t want to say too much since some readers may not have finished Wendy’s Song.

If you have finished, I will let you read chapter one of the next book in the series…but there’s a catch (isn’t there always?). You need to e-mail me by clicking on the link below. Say that you’ve reviewed my books, and I will send you the first chapter in the second book. MAKE SURE YOU SEND ME THAT E-MAIL. I will have nowhere to send chapter 1. You will find out a lot in one chapter and you will WANT more!! No worries, it will be out by next month!




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